To mentor coaches in an effort to expose them to the benefits of utilizing their gifts and talents along with a specific formula for success to teach the youth in the area of sports.

Mission Statement

The mission of A Coach is, Inc. is to empower men and women to be the coaches that they were designed to be, to encourage coaches to be free to carry out the assignment in which they are called and to assist coaches in understanding the far reaching affect that they have on everyone they come into contact with.

“The Basketball I.Q. Training Academy is an offshoot program under ‘A Coach Is.’ Its purpose is to develop the skill level of athletes from grades 3 through 10 by training them in the fundamentals of the game. At the same time, I am coaching the coaches who train the kids. I help them to develop techniques that will assist the athlete with their skills but also teach them how to build their self-confidence. For me it’s a ‘two-for one’ training program. Through the academy, the athlete will not only learn, improve, and master the basics of the game, but they will also learn life lessons like team, hard work and unselfishness. My goal is to help them to become not just better ball players, but better people too.”
“Getting the young men to believe in themselves at a higher level than they normally would have, (stressing) a total team concept, taking ‘self’ out of the equation, we established a new basketball culture,” Lynch said.